2 comments on “YOUR LIFE IS WRITTEN IN INDELIBLE INK…….but the ink never really dries

  1. I found this to be incredibly soothing today as I struggle to walk through my past and accept it as I am now seeing it. The thought that my memories are, in a sense, a work of art and can have a bigger meaning than fear and intense hurt is comforting. I can rewrite/paint the story…

    • Thank you, nice to hear from you. I read your last post but my computer went down and I didn’t respond. This post of mine was really helpful to me because so many people say “just get over it and move on”I feel like this is shaming and a way of shutting a person down which makes the pain that much more difficult and further isolating. This was one of the more important posts I have put on my site because it puts a different, and very helpful, spin on the examination of ones life.

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